Fully exploiting long-accumulated
technologies and the
state-of-the art equipment,we
manufacture qualitiy aerospace
equipment parts.

  Our cutting-edge equipment and advanced machining technologiesallow us to ensure high
quality cutting work for precision aircraft parts,making it our main specialty. We have been
and are part of a numerousnumber of projects for commercial aircrafts like Boeing,
Mitsubishi Space Jet, Bombardier, and Embraer; defense aircrafts including P-1 and P-2; and
space equipment such as the H-2 rocket. Our core products include 10-meter STRINGER,
6-meter integrated FRAME, and 4-meter INSPAR RIB; our strength lies in the machining of
large, complex parts. Among work materials we handle, aluminum accounts for 80% of all
materials but we also have a lot of experience in processing titanium with high cost
competitiveness. We have a wide variety of special equipment that is customized in our own
style: processing machines dedicated to handling long materials, high-speed aluminum
machining centers, and robust heavy cut machines for hard metals, etc. On top of that, we
also have our own NC programming technology as well as efficient operation systems.
Through the effective combinations of these hardware and software elements, we can achieve world-class machining capabilities.


  • Programming work with CATIA V5

    Programming work with CATIA V5

  • Cutting with large machining

    Cutting with large machining

  • Original tool design and production

    Original tool design and production

  • Inspection work with a CMM

    Inspection work with a CMM