With a focus on the design and
making of jigs and tools used for
aircraft manufacturing and
overhaul, we cater to a wide
variety of needs with advanced
technological capabilities. 

Jigs and tools are used at manufacturing sites for the purpose of securing and positioning
products. These tools are, so to speak, the key element in manufacturing as they determine
the accuracy of products as well as the efficiency of manufacturing. We manufacture all of our tools in-house, regardless of whether they are supplied to customers or used internally.
Additionally, we respond to a wide range of needs including ground support equipment that
support the operations of Self-Defense Force aircrafts and jigs and tools utilized at other
manufacturing sites in different industries. Challenging as it is, this business requires the
skillful use of all sorts of processing techniques and technologies ranging from welding,
cutting, sheet metal, heat treatment and painting to assembly.


  • GSE, assembly jig production

    GSE, assembly jig production

  • Laser tracker

    Laser tracker

  • Design and production of processing jigs

    Design and production of processing jigs

  • Laser marking

    Laser marking