Boasting high assembly skills, we
assemble and overhaul various
types of aircraft components.


We assemble airframes for Self-Defense Force aircrafts, commercial aircrafts and helicopters,
etc. All aircraft assembly work is done manually but this requires high skills. Despite our
company size, we are highly reputed for our high-quality assembly work. Therefore, we are in charge of assembling important components for various types of aircrafts.
With regard to overhaul services, we take on the overhaul work for Self-Defense Force aircrafts, playing a part in Japan’s defense industry. Assembling aircraft components firsthand is indeed a difficult but dream-inspiring business.



  • 5S assembly workplace

    5S assembly workplace

  • Drilling through rivets

    Drilling through rivets

  • Overhaul work

    Overhaul work

  • Attentive OJT by skilled workers

    Attentive OJT by skilled workers