Our advanced lathe technology
enables high quality hydraulic
equipment parts for construction
machines and seismic dampers.

Skillfully using lathes, machining centers, and inner and outer diameter grinding machines, we manufacture important parts for ultra-large hydraulic equipment such as rod heads and
cylinder heads. The main equipment for this application is a vertical lathe with a diameter of
2 meters. The end products for these parts include large construction machines that are
actively utilized all over the world, the world’s largest mining machinery, and seismic dampers that protect the safety of people. We have established a leading position in this niche field
with no competitors present. Also, we are absolutely capable of handling small precision parts as well. Leveraging the rarity of our equipment and high technological capabilities, we can take care of lathe turning for aerospace parts as well.


  • Oil machine factory

    Oil machine factory

  • Turning work

    Turning work

  • Turning with a large lathe

    Turning with a large lathe

  • Specializing in large precision parts

    Specializing in large precision parts